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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Weekly OB appt

OB Friday I had another appointment. She listened to the heartbeat, measured me, weighted me & then checked my cervix.
She said I am at a 1 on the outside but not on the inside, if that makes sense. Lol
She said she hopes to see me at my next appt which is this coming Friday.
We also discussed which hospital I wanted to deliver at & also at what point she wants me to call & go in. If my water breaks & or... I have contractions that are 5 mins apart, lasting for an hour.
So far when I get contractions they have only lasted 30 mins.
I am in the process of packing bags. I packed the baby's bag yesterday. Abd then I did all our laundry. I have a few things to buy at the store And then I can pack up my bag & Mareks bag ;)
It's kind of nerve racking. Lol
But exciting too.
This week I have also gotta finish the baby blanket I have been working on & also make marek a "big brother" shirt to wear at the hospital.

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