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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Happy Birthday Grandma Peters!

On Saturday was Great Grandma Peters Birthday, So we stopped by and visited with her for a while, brought her a flowering plant and her gift... her great grandson, Marek. :) She really enjoyed that! She likes to see him, he is always changing. I thought it might be a good idea to snap a photo, it being her birthday and the fact that Marek had just turned 7 mons old the day before. We love her so much, wish we could visit with her more often.
After we visited with her we when and saw Butch (grandpa). He was so excited to see Marek as well. He just loves Babies!! It was really nice to sit and talk and hang out for a little while.
After that we also picked up a few things out of Grandma Peters storage unit for Mom, and Cory and us. Then we headed to dinner with our friends James and Keri before heading back to twin falls!! What a long long day trip! But so so worth it!!

GiRls jUsT WaNnA HaVe FuN!

All of the girls that I hang out with got together for my birthday at Chili's for some good conversation and lots of laughter!! I love when we can all get together and have a girls night, I know that all of us were looking forward to it.
In the Photo we have from left to right:
Michelle, Jen, Kellie, Andrea, Me and Steff
and missing in photo was Nicke ( she was late but worth the wait :) )
and also missing was Christina( she had a little girls birthday party to plan :) )

Me and Steff

Me and Andrea

Nicke and Kellie
It was suppost to be a funny face!!

I love my girl friends the ones near and far!
Thanks for all u do for me!



Wow... When U are a young girl you never think that u will ever really turn 25, well... I am offically 25. and I dont feel a day over Yes, that is what I said! When I look in the mirror I still feel like my 18 year old self is staring back at me, Deon thinks I am crazy I think and honestly I think I am too!!!
Well, Friday night we went out with our friends and took all the kids bowling, it was fun, I never take bowling seriously-maybe it is because I suck! and I know it. :)
Saturday was my birthday. I had a relaxing day, I took a long bath and then took my time gettin ready. Me and Deon took Marek on a walk around the neighborhood, it was really such a nice day, I loved it! That night we had a bunch of friends over for carne asada. Yum!! It was good fun. My girlfriend Kellie made me a cheesecake, homemade, it was so yummy. It was so busy and fun I totally forgot to take pictures!:( I had even made sure my camera had fresh batteries, dont u hate that! Anyhow, Me and Deon took one together after everyone had left- and once I had remembered that I needed a birthday picture!
And For my birthday from Deon & Marek I got a gift card to victoria's secret, a giftcard to get a message and a gift card for a manicure and a pedicure! I Love them!! They know what I need!! :)
Thanks friends and family for all of the birthday wishes!

Bowling Friday night

Marek ready for his Walk

Me and Deon on my Birthday

Marek & Daddy Bowling

Me Tuesday night, Relief society had a dinner.


6 Months Old

Our Little Marek turned 6 months old on Feb 26th. Life has been so crazy the last few weeks that I havent been able to post any pics. When we went in for his 6 month appointment everything went really good. He is growing like a weed.
18.4 pounds 27 and a quater inches.

He is such a sweet boy. Marek was rolling over from his back to his stomach and then laying there wining forever, because he had forgotten how to get back to his back. :) Hard life.

He also learned to say.. "dadada.." Which Deon Loves and secretly so do i. :)
He is Half of a Year! Where does the time go?


Our Trip to California...

Where oh where should I begin... Lol.
Well, We left last friday and headed down to salt lake to pick up my sister and my mom and then get back on the road that same day and start our journey to Northern Cali! Yes, a long drive! We did pretty good time and got there safely. We drove to San Ramon,Ca. Saturday morning was the 1st annual Ralph Romero golf Tournment.(that is my Grandpa that just pasted away just march) . The Golf Tourn went good. Deon's team ended up winning. On his team was Deon, my uncle Tim, my Uncle JaR and JaR's Best friend Phil. There were I think 9 , 4 man teams in all. really good turn out. I am glad that we had the chance to go. Sunday, We headed to My Aunt Maria's House which is north of Sacremento. On the way there we stopped at the cemetery and visited my grandpa's grave. Sad, But nice to see the head stone. We stayed sunday night at my aunts, then Monday morning got up and headed out on another car ride, this time to Point Mugu( this is the base that we used to live at) we stayed in the Lagoon Suite... LOL It was not really a suite, It was really quite funny. anyhow, the beach motel is really right on the Beach. and it is a private beach for military only. Beautiful!!! We only stayed one night. We had fun in Mugu, we got to see our good friends reggie and Jesse. It was nice to see them. Next We headed down to Deon's Uncle Mikes House In CarlsBad, Ca. That is near San Deigo. and Yes If you havent already gotten the hint we are traveling all over Califorina. We spent one night at Uncle Mikes House and the we again packed everything up and headed to Deon's Uncle Dan's House which is in Hemet, Cali. We stayed for 3 nights. We had alot of fun visiting with family, Deon did a little more golfing. and we also took a trip up to Iddiewild,Ca... a cute little Ski town about 30 mins away. On the Last night before we headed home we had a bbq and all the family got together again to say bye, Briana and Addison also took a drive over and were abel come and see us. I wish that it could have been longer but I am glad that I was able to see them, I Hope that I can see them again really soon. We are so glad that we able to take this trip. and we were glad that my sister and my mom could come along for the ride. We drove home on Saturday. and Hit all the snow in Southern Utah, Which delayed us a few hours... we were so glad when we finally got go climb in bed. Sunday morning we got to met our newest neice Leyah and then we hit the road. So glad to be home... though this time change sure has messed us up this week. and Marek is Teething is we havent been getting to bed until 12. Anyhow, Sorry my Photos are our of order, but enjoy!!:) Tara, Deon and Marek