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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



20 Months

Our Big guy is 20 months old. 
He is now speaking much better, putting together sentences.
Tells you what he needs and wants. 
Loves being OUTSIDE! (cant wait for summer)
Wearing 2T clothing
Starting to help dress himself
Loves All things fruit
Loves to help
Only takes 1 Nap
Still loves to color, and loves playing with CARS.


My Nephew is 5?

I cant believe it, It seems like we was just born, but then again, Me and Deon have been married for 6 years, So it makes since. He is just getting so Big! Glad we could help celebrate with him. Happy Birthday DRU, we love u!


My sis taija
 While in Utah for Easter we had a few good friends come over to my mom's house and we sure had a few too many laughs, watching old videos, that most wish we could burn ( aka Bree lol) and had so good food! I sure wish we all lived alot closer, But hey that is just life, and thats Why we must cherish the moments that we do get to have together! :)
Our Good Friends Britt & Bobby

Briana with her good friend Dave & his lil Girl

Silly Girls!

ME, Briana & Britt

Easter 2011

 We had a really wonderful Easter this year, It was great because Marek was old enough to go searching for the eggs, once he understood, he had a blast! 
We love him so much, he is growing and changing with every passing day. 
We hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter!


Playing with Uncle Damen

Marek had so much fun, Uncle Damen sure was tired after a play time with Marek!

New Favorite...


Wordless Wednesday

Before you were born You were Loved! 
The moment we got the positive test we were excited!
Enjoyed Every Kick!
Cried when we heard your first Cry.
Still Cant believe you are OURS!
 Feels like just yesterday we welcomed you to the world!
XOXO Mommy & Daddy



 Here are a few things I have been up to... :) I have been sewing a lot of baby things. Some I cant post photos of just yet, but soon. :)
Baby blanket for our Niece Kylie
Sign for  a guy deon works with whom just got married

Quilt I did almost a yr ago for Paige when Brex was born :)

Blanket I did a yr ago for a good Navy wife friend, They had a cutie little boy named Aspen, whom just turned 1.

Couponing ...

       1st transaction:
Tide 8.00
All 6.99
All 6.99
-1.00Tide coup
-1.00 All coup
-1.00 All coup
-1.00 doubler
-1.00 doubler
-1.00 doubler
final price= $17.12 (saved 15.99)
 2 transaction:
Goldfish 2.49
Captian Cunch 2.25
captian crunch 2.25
captain crucnh 2.25
captian cruch 2.25
-3.00 Quaker sale
-1.00 captain cruch coup $1/2
-1.00 captain cruch coup $1/2
-.35 goldfish coup
-1.00 doubler
-1.00 doubler
-.35 doubler
final price= 4.16 (saved 18.26)
 transaction 3:
Downy 6.39
yoplait yogurt 2.39
yoplait yogurt 2.39
-1.00 downy coup.
-.50 yoplait coup.
-.50 yoplait coup.
-1.00 doubler
-.50 doubler
-.50 doubler
final price= $7.72 ( saved 4.00)
 Transaction 4:
Glade air freshner 2.79
Galde air freshner 2.79
quaker granola bars 1.99 (10 boxes)
-5.00 spotlight savings ( for buyin 10 granolas)
-.75 granola coup.
-1.00 glade coup.
-1.00 glade coup.
-.75 doubler
-1.00 doubler
-1.00 doubler
Final price= $ 16.05( saved 28.90)
 Transaction 5:
Emeral breakfast nuts 3.59
Natual valley Granola Bars 2.99 (bought 4)
-1.00 emerald coup.
-.75 granola coup.
-.75 granola coup.
-1.00 doubler
-.75 doubler
-.75 doubler
final price= $11.34 (saved 10.20) Plus
For buying the granola bars which are by general mills, I got a coupon for free Milk! :)

LaVa HoTT SpRinGs...

Marek with cousins, Brysen & Tysen
 We Had a really great time this past weekend this family & good friends! Enjoy the pics!
Marek, Auntie Taija, Uncle Damen & Me

Newest addition to Uncle Cory's Family Zorro ... Marek was in Love!

Great Group :)

Is someone getting Tired?

Britt :)

Britt & Me

Marek & Daddy

Taija & Angela

Britt & Bobby gettin their yummy dutch oven desserts ready :)

Deon & Mom

Long weekend = tired little boy

Marek & Dallas They love playing together!

Marek helping Dallas

Taija & Me

Me & Mom

Dallas Helping Marek