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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Wall space...

We have been living in this house since August and I still hadn't hung up the photos in the hall. I just couldn't decide how I wanted them. Today I finally got it hung and love it! I might add a few details after I visit hobby lobby. But here it is now in all it's glory.

Office reboot!

My office was in a state of emergency! The photos really can't discribe how horrible it really was. I had anxiety over it.
I finally after over a week of working on it, going threw old papers, refilling new papers and then throw stuff out. I finally have a workable office ;) so excited to use it again and be able to start sewing again! I can't wait ;) let's pray the office stays this nice.
I still need to hang up that blue shelf but it really heavy and requires more then I person, plus I might change the bracket that it currently has ;)


Housekeeper fail!!

Do you ever just get tired of cleaning up messes!!??
I am in a funk lately and don't feel like doing it.
I wanna hang out with my family and when I do... My house ends up a mess!
I am about to show the proof. Don't judge.
How do u keep up on your household? Ever feel like me?
Guess now that I admitted I better start cleaning!;(


Throwback Circa Dec 2004

Well cleaning my office I came across the first photos we ever got done together. We had been dating since August. Young love! I was 19 and Deon was 25. I will be 10years this August! Man time sure has flew by! I love my handsome husband, even more then the day we married. Couldn't imagine my life without him.

Hall cabinets!!

Finally had some time to reorganize the hall cabinets. 
It was getting out of control! I feel so much better when my life has order, don't you?
Here are the before pictures which don't do it justice.
And below is the after photos.
And here is a cute photo of Mackenzie playing in the cabbiet ;)
I have also decided we have a crap load of movies!! Lol


Organization ShowDown!

Ok let me just say that my house has been driving me nuts since we moved from Camarillo in a 2100sqft house to a 1200 sqft house! I have a lot less room and storage space so... Everything is just every where. I have had enough!
Time to get organized!
First on the list:
The Food Pantry
I should have taken a before photo. It was craziness!
Well, it is now organized and I feel much better when I open it.
What things are you needing to organize?
Next up:
Hall cabinets!


Long time coming...

Where do I even begin????

Well, Marek turned 4 in August & Mackenzie turned 1!! We had a party here at our house, (or should i say old house, more about that later).
The party was a huge success! So grateful to all who came and made their day so special. 

Deon turned the big 34!
After the Birthdays in august we moved down the road to another house, the house we had been in had a Mold issue. Gotta love super old military housing!

For Halloween the kids were Batman and Robin, they were so cute! and Marek had a blast running to all the doors yelling Trick R Treat!

For Thanksgiving we had a nice quite one at home with some friends. It was nice and the food was amazing!

Christmas…2013! We spent at our house, had a fun game night for Christmas Eve. The kids had lots of fun! I am loving both of the kids ages right now. Marek is kind and helpful and full of laughter! Mackenzie is spunky, Fun and Sassy!

New years!! how did that Happen???
We went camping with some friends and had a great time!!

My Resolutions ! !!-AKA-GOALS!!
~ More Blogging! I miss it!
~ Find my Passion!!
~ Pay off some Debt
~ Get organized!!
~ Start Couponing again
~ Be the best Mom and Wife I can be :)
~ Get back into shape!! I have my first goal.. lose 20 Pounds!!

Enjoy the photos from this past year ")