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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."




Okay Here You go girls.

1- OCD-I can't walk on dirty floors, i freak out. I cant stand when i have not vaccumed - I blame that one on the dogs. I clean up everything. My house is clean, more often than not. lol. I have to have it done my way.

2-I only like to make right hand turns! I got this after MS. when I started driving again I was not daring and would not make a left. I plan out my whole shopping trip so that I will only take rights. I am getting better.

3- My shoot from the hip one liners. LOL , Deon Loves this one. I come up with the craziest things sometimes. I will either ask a question or I will tell him something totally off the wall that you would never think to say. I crack my self up over it!

4- My obsession with people and Christmas lights in my neighborhood. You should not be lazy and keep your lights up all year, so that I have to see them. I freak out over it. I say if you had the energy to put them up. then have the energy to take them down!

5- I love a nice looking house/yard/lawn. I cant stand when the lawn gets long, I start freakin out, I need it cut and looking nice.

6- Knowledge of mechanics. I can change my own flat tire and I also know a thing or two about some disc brakes.

7- I get the joke even when no one else does. Sometimes I will find the humor in something that no one else does and it will make me laugh and laugh. I crack me up!!!

there you go. lol miss you guys!!!

Snow Day!!

So, it snowed yesterday,but it was just a little bit and then we woke up the morning to it in full force snowing!! lol. It snowed almost all day today. It made for a really cold day. It made us feel like it was Christmas- lol but it wasn't! the girls enjoyed the Snow- they love it! :)



So we took a long 12 hour drive down to Hemet, California on Weds morning and got in on Weds night- lol. Thursday we went to lunch with Deon's dad Tom. It was a nice lunch. We had good conversation. Then we went and helped out with some wedding planning. and Deon went to the Bachelor Party and I hung out with the girls- and Deon's aunt and uncle.
Deon and his Dad

Bachelor Party

On Friday it was a busy busy day, We did all of the last minute touch ups on the wedding set up, and I ran around with aunt Kristy and Mariah getting the last things done. That night was rehearsal dinner it was a lot of fun, It is always fun with the Gorski's.
Saturday, the big day, Mariah and Ryan had a beautiful wedding. It was a beach theme, lots of shells, and Orchids. It was not the best weather outside, but that did not stop the party. We were glad that we had the chance to make it to the wedding and to see the family.

Sunday, we said goodbye to the family and headed up towards Point Mugu, Cali. On the way we stopped in Claremont and had lunch with Briana. (umm, Olive Garden-lol) It was nice visiting with Briana, we got to also see Addison and also see the whole Family. They all looked to be doing good. I wish we lived closer to Briana. It was good seeing her- but to quick of a visit.

Good ole Point Mugu- It has not changed. We miss it alot- well actually, we miss the people. We miss hanging out we Regina and Jesse, they let us stay with them while we were up. They are great Friends. Deon stopped by his old squadron and visited for a while, he had fun. We went out to Sushi one night with Reggie and Jesse and the other night with some of the guys. It really was so nice to get back to California. We missed it!

Well on our long 12 hour Drive home Tuesday, Driving in Vegas, we of course hit traffic- I thought we should share the frustration. LOL.
All in All we are glad to be back. :)