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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."




 Look how much he has grown.. on August 26th ,2009 he was born in the wee morning hours...
and already we have celebrated his first birthday and in a few short weeks I will be throwing another party to celebrate his Second birthday~! I just still cant believe how fast the time has gone by, He finally has Hair! LOL, and lots of it! We still have yet to give him a single hair cut, that will happen ( just a trim) when daddy comes back off the boat *).... So Blessed to have our handsome lil man. He brings such Joy to our lives everyday!


Water Baby

Girls Night

 On Monday night a bunch of us girls went out for dinner for our friend Kellie's Birthday!
We had so much fun! 
I wish we made it a regular thing!...
It is always good to see everyone and have some good laughs:)
Taija & Andrea

Kellie, Nicke, Steff & Christina C.

Me, a finally fit in the jeans at Down east basics, and actually i should have bought the size smaller, they are fitting to big already! Yeah!!( but I still weigh the same!, I must but losing inches.)

The Girls


New Photos

A few nights ago I decided it was time that I take Marek's 2 Year old photos, and because I wanted to be able to mail some prints to D out on the ship. So we went to old town and played..and I must say, they turned out so CUTE! 
I know his birthday isn't until next month, but i thought I would share what a handsome little 2 year old we have!


Bath time!

Fun at Grandma & Papa's (4th of July)

 Marek sure loves to be outside!
and we sure were outside alot, even when the temps were unspeakable!
 The blueish color on his chin was from his first popcycle..He loved it!

 Slip & Slide fun!
Man, He loves the water!

 He was running over to tell me " FUN" and then back to the waterslide he went!
 He is so hansome
 He loves to be by the water, just to hold the hose to filll up the pool was so exciting!
 our nephew Brysen also had a blast, I am glad he was around that weekend, 
Marek had a lot of fun playing with his older cousin.

 Cutie Pie Daxton, lives across the street.

 In 2.5 seconds Dax will spray Marek with the hose, and he is already cold..its been a long day in the sun, and it is finally starting to cool off a little....
 there's the hose spraying Marek... and ..
 the TEARS,,

 Me & My Boy after a long Fun Day!

All of the hungry lil swimmers

We had such a great time for the 4th weekend!