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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Burley Fair...

So, We went on over to the Burley County Fair. It was umm.. Interesting! lol. Not like the fairs in Salt Lake, alot smaller and more country. But we had alot of fun, our friends Wes and Andrea invited us. We saw lots of crafts, pigs and ate lots of food. Oh and the rides the ones that I never go on. lol. Deon enjoyed the rides



Happy Birthday Deon!

Today is Deon's 29th Birthday!! He had an over all good day. When we woke up I gave him his gifts ( some Harley stuff) and than I made him breakfast. We hung out for a while watching the Olymics and getting ready for the day. We went to lunch at this really cool place called Pandora's by our house and went on a little ride on the bike.

Deon's Step Dad Butch and Brother Dillon are coming into town later today. We are going to have a BBQ and I bought an ice cream cake. I CANT WAIT FOR THE CAKE. LOL.

All and all I hope Deon had a good Birthday. I tried to make it a good one.

Happy Birthday Honey.


humming on by...

So, the humming birds are out in full force in our neighborhood. They are such a cool bird. our humming birds come right up to you before flying away. I love being able to look out the window and see them feeding from the feeder. Everyone should have a humming bird feeder.


Murta Lake

This weekend Deon and I wanted to go camping so we headed out to Murta Lake. We invited a few friends, but planned for it to be just us and the dogs. Well, our friends, Wes and Andrea showed up Friday night, we hung out, had a fire, and roasted marshmellows. Saturday, we got up had some breakfast and then decided to throw the dogs in the lake, lol it was fun for us, not the dogs. We played so Yatzee, I got 3rd place. That night our friends Ed and Cathy came out with their boat, we went out on the water then had dinner and sat by the fire. Sunday, Deon and I hung out just us in the morning, played a few games of Uno- lots of fun. Then Ed and Cathy came back out and we went out on the boat again, It was alot of fun.

Easy Rider

Deon and I went for a ride on Thursday night, out on the back roads, checked out some camping spots and just enjoyed the open road. There are so many great places to ride here, we love it. The ride was nice, not hot, a really nice breeze, it was temping to rain. We had a really fun time.


Great Backyard View...

Twin Falls Temple

Deon and I went to the Temple open house last night. It was such an amazing experience. The temple is so beautiful inside and out. As soon as you go into the temple it is just so peaceful. every room is so beautiful. There is wonderful art work inside, that not only in of the lord but also of the Magic Valley. My favorite room was the sealing room. I can't explain it, you just would have to be there. But it is my favorite room. The whole temple was wonderful. I feel very blessed to have been able to go in before the dedication.

puppy love

I love Nikka and Chloe, the other night I was laying on the floor and they came in the font room and laid down right next to me, they wanted lovings, and I gave it. but they are so funny, as soon as I try to stop they bug me until I start again.

I love my dogs!

Deon's new Guitar

So, when we were in Salt Lake, we went to my uncle Shawn's guitar shop and saw this guitar. I bought it for Deon for his birthday. It was an early birthday gift. He really loves it and it plays really beautifully.


Dirt And Man

What Can We Say??

Deon went riding the other morning in the south hills. When he got home he was so dirty, that means he had fun. He was trying to get me to kiss him but even his lips were dirty, lol. I love him and I love that dirty face!

Visiting with my Dad

This weekend my Dad came to Salt Lake from Arizona. He was in town for my cousin Brandon's Wedding that was on Saturday. We did not go down to Salt Lake because we had just been in Salt Lake the weekend before and spent to much, but so my dad, headed up to our house here in Twin. It was really nice to see him. I was really excited. It had been since our 2nd wedding that I had seen my dad. So, since April 2006. I could not believe that it had been that long. I hope it is not that long until the next time. We had a really nice time, we went to the falls, and had a bbq. My Grandpa Marcus and My lil Bro Damen also came up. We had a blast. We love him and cant wait to visit with him again.


They love it.

So, I bought a screen Door for the front door. I thought it would be nice, and it would let more light into the front room. Well, the girls are loving it the most I think. Nikka runs over to the door all the time to check things out. Chloe and Nikka always look so cute staring out the window, waiting for something exciting to happen.

More Blue's, and a little Nikka..

I decided to stay home while Deon worked the air show again. Well, I got some pretty good shots of the Blue Angels, just standing in my front yard.( we live 3 miles from the air port) I also took some cute pics of Nikka, she came out with me.