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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."




Marek with his grandma and Great grandma

Marek & Great grandma Peters

Marek & Cousin Hannah

Marek & Cousin Khloe

This past weekend we drove to Boise. Mom and Mike came into town from roosevelt, ut. to see Grandma Peters, Her health is delining. While there we stayed at Justin(deon's step bro) and Mary's house. Marek got to play with his cousin's Khloe and Hannah. He had a blast. Deon also went golfing with the guys on saturday and had alot of fun.
Here are a few photos from the trip. So glad that we were able to go and see grandma peters again. : ) We love her so much.

8 Months

Our little Boy is 8 months old today, time sure did fly by!
He is getting around the house so fast now, crawling everywhere, into everything. hasnt yet gotten into cuboards, but i know it is only a matter of time. Here are a few Photos of how much fun we are having! :0 Love, The Gorski's

Yes he is doing that all by him self, its crazy!


Another Video

He is getting even faster, and has now gotten adventure in him. He is going all over the house! It is exciting, but tiring at the same time. :) He is so cute, he is sneaky about it when he is going to leave a room. :) I still cant believe that he is really crawling! 7 Months old. Our lil man is growing way to quickly!


5 Years

This April 15th was me and Deon's 5 Year Anniversary. Still cant believe that it has already been 5 years seems like only yesterday we were dating, talking marriage, saying I do. Now look at us, 5 Years later, going strong and starting our own little family. We are so thankful to have each other in our lives!
I thank god everyday for my wonderful husband, best friend and the best father I could ask for for my children!
I cant wait to see what the future holds!
love you hunny!!

Baby Shower...

This Saturday we had a baby shower for our friend girlfriend Nicke, it is her second baby, but this time she is having a boy, so she needed a baby shower!! ( I thought :) ) It turned out really well, and we had alot of people come which was wonderful! I cant wait until her little man comes, I think she has around 20 days until Henry is here. doesnt she look good? I think so. Anyhow... Congrats Nicke!

cassie, steffany, andrea, Nicke, kellie & Me

Kaelyn, casse, Steff, Andrea, Nicke, Kellie and Me

Nicke and her Blanket that I made her. :)


Photos by Sara Jacobia

So.. I have been wanting to get Marek's pictures taken for his 6 month old mark, but the weather has just been crazy and horrible. So just friday they said it was going to be 60 degree's so we made plans to have them taken then. What a bad idea. Weather was freezing cold out. But Marek was a little trooper. We were only going to take photos of Marek, But Sara said we looked nice and should get a few shots with him. They really turned out Great, despite what the weather was doing. Thanks Sara for coming out and doing them for us, also for getting them back to us so quickly. So here are Marek's 7 month old Photo's. LOL. Enjoy.:)


Easter 2010

What a wonderful Easter Season. And How very many things I am thankful for:
-I am to thankful for our Heavenly father, and the sacrafices he made for us.
-For the Gospel
-the scriptures
-my family
-my wonderful husband
-my precious son
with out them, life just wouldnt be the same!
This year for Easter we decided to stay home, and have our own little Easter. It was really nice, I decided to make my first cheesecake. It turned out really really good. I also did my first shot at deviled eggs, also Yummy. :) After we had our Easter dinner we watched "the blind side" What a wonderful movie! I really makes u appreciate a warm bed, and family that loves u. I think I would do what that lady did, in a heart beat to help a kid in need. (though it does help that she had endless funds)
Marek is still sick, poor little boy. he has been having a runny nose and cough. plus teething still, but no teeth. I hope he starts feeling better soon. He hasnt been sleeping very well, and I cant wait to get a full nights sleep.
Today is monday, and deon had the day off of work, we jsut relaxed, and he got a few things done outside to get ready for camping season.
Well, I hope that everyone had a really wonderful Easter.
Lvoe you all
the Gorski's

My First Ham

My first Cheesecake- Yum yum!!

It was so good!

digging into his Easter basket,having a blast!

Isnt he a doll?

bath time fun!

Our eggs, me and Deon colored, I think they turned out really great!


7 Months Old

Marek is growing so quickly & he has the cutest personality. He is trying to crawl, and he wants to so badly, its so cute. I cheer him on as he tries, and he just looks at me and gives me a huge grin. He is moving all over the place even without crawling. He still loves his jumper so very much, I am not sure what he would do with out it, I think it is his favorite. He also loves this little winnie the pooh twirly toy, it spins like a top and makes noise, he loves it. He also loves Bath time, splashing water all over the place, he gets a kick out of it.

I think that he has gained at least a few pounds and inches. He is almost to heavy for Tara to carry in the carseat. He still has lighter hair, and a little bit curly.

Tomorrow is Easter, his 1st. We have a little basket for him, and wanted to do a little easter egg hunt in the yard, but that is weather permiting. Marek has a little cold right now, and teething so the past few nights we have not gotten much in the way of sleep, I hope that he starts feeling better soon. I hate when he is sick, it is so sad. :(

I have more photos I will post soon.