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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Doubler coupon adventures...

 Went Doubler coupon shopping today.. to see what I could get, and to my surprise albies still had some stuff in stock...
 5 dreyers ice creams  & 1 kettle chips...

 =$8.67 (71%savings) and recieved a $5 catalina for buying the icecream!
 2 kettlechips
1 cheese
 =$1.53 (68%savings) I used the 5 catalina towards payment
 5 nature valley granola 
1 cheese
 = $15.48 (39%savings) plus recieved a free milk catalina, $3 catalina & $5 catalina
 Dannon promo..:)  4 dannon yogurts get a free milk at purchase
 =$2.30 ( 65% savings)
 3 snuggles
= $ 3.06 ( 61% savings)

couponing adventures...

 Friday 24th, shopping trips

  I bought all this at Smiths this week for...
 ..$62.08 ( 50% savings)
 and a $3.00 catalina for next time :)
All this at Albertsons for ...
 = $56.77 (46%savings)
to use for this weeks Doublers! :)



I am in need of HEALTHY dinner ideas, that are 2 year old friendly.
Actually, Marek loves veggies & fruit way more than meat. So I need to find ways to incoorate all food groups but it be fun & healthy.
If you have any ideas please pass them my way :)

Thanks so much!
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Its a very strange feeling at my house...
only a wife of a military member can really understand.
Its a loneliness that cant be filled by anything but you significant other.
You wake every morning turn your over to hold them or tell them you love them but they are not around.
I can say that I am a strong woman, I do things most will not. It makes you have to turn to others for help, which for me being pretty independent already, is pretty hard and its hard to ask a neighbor to fix something for me, or watch my child when he is asleep and I just need to run to the store really quick. But I appreciate that I do that friends that will help if I ask.
This is my first time going threw a deployment as a single parent, and I must say, My heart goes out to those who do it day in and day out from day one. I dont know how u do it. I am having a hard time not being able to depend on my husband for the things that I have gotten used to him doing for me, like watching our son if I just need a moment to get a breather, or watching our son while I go coupon shopping so that I can do it faster, Giving baths while I do dishes so that we can relax together as a family.
You know in the beginning when they are first gone, and there is no communication yet, things run threw your head ( or did to mine) like Is this how it would be if he was gone forever? what if he was say in the army and died in battle? I couldnt even imagine the stress that those army, marine, and navy seal wifes go threw. I guess as wifes we have to just not think about the what if, we just start the count downs until we get to see each other again!
I am pretty Lucky that he is doing the job that he is doing.He is also in safe. I get an email from him at least once a day, and that email puts a smile on my face!
I love my husband is much, he is my best friend, my life is fulfilled with him & marek in it.
I cant wait to see him again.
Our countdown has begun at our house!



 A month ago Deon, Marek & I had stopped while in Boise to see Grandma & Grandpa Peters Graves and to put some flowers on the graves. We sure miss having them in our lives and hope they are enjoying Heaven.

look who's cookin...

21 Months Old...

What a big boy Marek is becoming. He is just becoming more and more of a toddler and less and less of a little baby. (*tears) He loves helping me in anyway he can. and It is also nice that now he can pretty much communnicate what he wants and tell me things or if I ask him he will tell me Yes or No for things he wants, It is wonderful! He is also a really great eater, I love that! and He is recently decided that he wants to eat just like the big people so if his plate doesnt look just like your he wont eat his plate, he will want yours! and he wont eat without a fork or spoon. It is just too cute!
He loves to play with other Kids, go outside, take baths, brush teeth, loves shoes, Trucks, and chasing the puppy around the house.
We are having a blast with each passing day.
Today we had to go to the doctor because he is under the weather, but we were able to get a weight while we where there which was nice. He weighs 26.6 lbs. which he is still thin and tall. just in the last week he has shot up like a bean stock, all his pant that were fitting are now Floods!! But it kills me to go buy new pants when its going to be summer ( I think.. LOL)  So come on summer and get here so my little boy can where shorts already!!
I cant believe he is going to be 2 in august! Its just sad!
Loves to help cook dinner!

& loves the piano, plays and sings :)

I Love You  Handsome Little Man!!!


Albertsons Deals...

I was so excited for this set of deals I could hardly stand it, I killed it!
I got:
3 mission tortillas 
10 boxes of ronzoni/amerian beauty pasta
10 wishbone salad dressings
10 Ragu Pasta sauce
10 Liption rice sides
1 arrowhead water
1 rotissry chicken
3 beyers ice cream
after all my coupons my total was
I saved $121.10
So Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

second transaction: I didnt do as good, but I still got some good deals
got :
10 kraft mac N cheese
1 bread
2 ronzoni pasta
2 american beauty pasta
3 peterpan peanut butter
3 Ragu pasta sauce
3 Breyers IceCream
10 Tonys Pizza
Total after coupons:
Saved 45.42

I love Couponing!!!!!