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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Downata Hott Springs

So we took off to Downey Idaho(20mins away from Lava Hott Springs) and went camping at Downata Hott Springs. It was a really good weekend. It was great to see everyone and we got a lot of swimming in. We did some really good and yummy Dinners and everyone I think had a good time. I think in all over 20 people were there. Next year we think we are headed back to Lava Hott springs though, we went there on Sunday and I really is a great place that has tons for everyone to do.
Great Annual Camping Trip!!
Can't wait til next year!!
( not alot of pics, i forgot i had my camera)

Most of the group

Nana and Dru

Desiree cooking her indian taco while talkin to Dev

Dru is very interested in Dog kennels

mom, nick,damen and Deon


Lots of people cookin dinner

What a mess! LOL

Brysen playing horseshoes

Deon and Josh playing horseshoes

Cory waiting his turn for horseshoes

Baby Blanket..

I have working on a quilt for our little Man and i finally finished it. It is brown, blue and green blocks. The green blocks have little elephants, monkeys and giraffes riding motorcycles, planes and cars. Really cute. The back of the blanket is cream-white, with little dots that are raised but the same color, just like the bumper and the changing table pad cover.



Poor Girl, She hates the Cone but she is a licker so it stays for now. :(



I'm not saying that i didn't think i would grow while pregnant, but it's funny that a pair of capris that I wore for memorial, well don't fit what so ever now. LOL. Our Son is growing as my belly grows. I am so excited to see him in person. We signed up for our Pregnancy classes and start them July 9th.


Another Appointment..

So today i had to go to the OB for another appointment, I didn't drink the gluclose drink last time i was there so i had to do it today. It was not as bad as everyone made it out to be, sweet but not sick. Everything is going really well, I have been feeling a little light headed the last few days, he said that is fine just to let him know if it gets worse. I started throwing up again, He says i might have a little cold and just drink plenty of water. Is a little concerned, saying that i am measuring big for my due date so guess what??? We are having yet another ultrasound to make sure :) That appointment is on June 30th. For me measuring big i do not feel that big. anyhow, hope every one is doing well.




Our Cute little Niece Dallas is growing to quickly. She smiles all the time. She is so Beautiful!

Baby Shower

Our Baby Shower was on June 6th. It was alot of fun. We got to see a bunch of family and friends. We wished that we had more time to visit and see people, but that is how it always is, lots to do and not enough time. We got alot of really wonderful gifts. We are so grateful! Thanks to everyone for all of the gifts and Love.
Here are a few photos from the shower, these are one's off of my camera, but once i get the copies from my Yia Yia I will post them.
Thanks everyone for coming!


Me and My Cousin Melissa, We are due at the same time,
Who is bigger??

All the little kids playing

Yummy sweets

Grandma and Sue relaxing in the shade

Me Deon and Chloe

Deon and one of the outfits from Leon

Me, Deon and Melissa

Me Deon and Athena


Baby Shower..

The Pics are soon to be posted, My YiaYia took most of the pics and I have to wait for her to get them to me.

Good Bye Granite High School!

The Doors to Granite closed on Friday after the last Graduation Class of 2009. They had their Graduation out on the football field and had 78 graduates. I hope that they keep the old building and just remodel and use it for another purpose. Since they have yet to say what will happen to it, I went and took a few photos to remember it.
Good Bye Ole "G"

Damen's Graduation

Its official My little Brother, the youngest in our family Graduated from High School this past Thursday. We are all very proud of him and Love him very much. After the graduation we all when to La Puentue (Yummy) and then Friday night we had a little family get together for him.

Sorry the Pics are Backwards order..
Graduation Party

Damen, Our Grandpa Marcus(Dad's Dad) and
Our Aunt Nadeen(Dad's Sister)

Taija and Athena

Deon and Me

Damen and his girlfriend Angela

Damen and Grandpa Marcus

Graduation and Dinner

Mom, my Yia Yia, and Aunt Maria

Grandma Marva and Amanda

Yia Yia and Aunt Maria

Aunt Maria and Me

Andrew and Dimtri


Taija and Deon

Mom and Damen

Me, Damen and Taija