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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Welcome Marek Albert Gorski

Little Baby Marek Albert
We Welcomed him into our Life on
August 26th at 12:47 am
He Weighted 7 Lbs and 9 Ozs
21 inches long.

He is doing really well. Great little sleeper &
Loves to Cuddle. We can't believe that he is finally here
We cant stop looking at him, he is the best thing in the world.
More Photos to come :)

Marek and Great Grandma Marva

Daddy and Marek

Mommy and Marek

He is all Legs and Arms

1st Doctor Visit

Taking a Nap in his Crib

Marek and Daddy

Such a little Sweetheart


38 weeks..

Went in to the OB today. I had the normal stress test as i usually do. It was normal 10Plus kicks. Though Marek was sleepy and didnt really care to kick, as soon as we got done and i was not hooked up he starting kicking tons! I had my cervic checked today. I am 50 percent effaced, my cervic is soft and i am 1 1/2 centimeters. The doctor doesnt think he will see me next week, he thinks I may go into Labor before then. :) It's scary to think that it is happening soon, and that I have to push him out. But I can not wait to see what Marek looks like, and hold him and kiss him. :) I have dropped from what everyone says when they see me. I will post a photo later today.

Its offical..

Deon is now 30 years old.. I think he looks much younger than 30, and I also think 30 looks good on him. I love him so much. We celebrated his birthday quietly, just woke up, he opened presents, then went to breakfast, came home and He played his new game Tigerwoods Golf PGA Tour 2010. He was super excited and has enjoyed it very much. He was hoping that the baby would come on his birthday, he said that would be the best gift ever. But no such luck.
Happy Birthday Hunny!!


37 weeks

Went in to the Doctors(OB) yesterday. My doctor said that my labs came back okay, nothing to worry about. I also had another Ultrasound, Our little man is looking good. He is they say, 6 pounds and in the 35th percentile. I also had to have the stress test done again, what a disaster. I was there total for over 2 hours and they left me on the monitor for an hour, they forgot I was there!! I was so Mad!! Anyhow, I have another appointment on Monday at 9 am.


getting close...

So on Tuesday I had another OB appt. This was the second week in a row that I have had slightly high blood pressure, so we had to have a stress test, they also did an ultrasound to measure the fluids, then they ordered me to do a 24 urine, more blood work and to top that off, we have another ultrasound next Tuesday. LOL. So, we will see what the doctor decides next week. He wants to make sure that I don't have toxemia. Oh, my weight gain has finally steadied off, been the same weight for the last 3 weeks. :) Marek is moving around a ton, he is very active! I can't wait to see him and meet him and give him a kiss. I have been getting little contractions, but nothing that is steady. We have been taking the pregnancy classes and been learning some things that we already knew about and some things that we did not know about. Also we finished decorating Marek's room, I think it turned out pretty cute. We are heading off to Boise on Friday thur Saturday, it is our last official vacation without a baby. We are staying at a hotel and I am super excited for it. Hopefully Marek doesn't decide to make an appearance until after we get home. :) Stay tuned for more updates.


Deo's 80's Birthday Party

Deon turns 30 on August 15th and since it is pretty close to the baby coming I decided to throw him a birthday party a little early. It was so much fun. We had an 80's Party so everybody came in their 80's gear. We made some killer burger's called losey goosey's (they have cheese in the middle.) We also had some fruit salad, pasta salad, watermelon, cupcakes and Ice Cream Cake. Everything turned out great. We had fun talking and listening to 80's tunes. We also had a fire in the fire pit. We are so glad that everyone had a good time and dressed up.
Deon said the party was a lot of fun and he can't wait to have another theme party. : )
Enjoy the Photos.

The Gorski's

Christina and Harrison

Kellie,Rob and Andrea and Landon

Tara and Andrea


Kathy and ED

The Girls

We look Hot!!

Luper and Brianna


Deon- meant to be 80's man