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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Baby Shower (Twin Falls)

My girlfriend Kellie dropped off the Photos from the Baby Shower to me today. I am so thankful for the friends that I have made here in Twin Falls they are wonderful! The babyshower was alot of fun. We played some really fun games and ate some good food! Also recieved lots of diapers which we were needing. Enjoy the pics.

Yummy Food

Super cute "Rattle" cupcakes

Diaper cake From the Girls

Decorations at Kellie's

Me, Christina and Nikki Chatting

Diaper cake from Shanna

Scrapbook From Kellie and Andrea

Little Cute Peacoat from Andrea - She said she had to get it because it reminded her of Deon and His Peacoat


"Stinky" Diaper Game - Me, Brittany and Christina

girlfriends- Kellie, Me, Andrea and Christina.
thanks for the Baby Shower Girls!

New glasses

I have been needing a new pair of glasses for quite a while. We were in Costco the other day and I told Deon I wanted to look and he ended up saying to just order some. I got a new pair of glasses and a pair for prescription sunglasses. I am so super excited. I had the same glasses since we lived in Cali. LOL.

In the Making...

I have been focused on getting everything ready for when Marek comes. I am not quite done decorating but, here is a glimpse. :)

I recovered this chair today. What a process!
It is dark brown and white Polka dots.

This is the chair before..

The Letters of his name I have not
Decorated yet.

Changing table area...

The Crib


Salt Lake Baby shower Pics

Here are my missing Photos from the Slc Shower.

Past Photos from Grandpa's funneral- March 09

It's been 5 months since my Papoo left us here on earth. lookin at the pictures made me miss him, Love you -poo poo!

yia yia & papoo's wedding aniversary- a few months before he was gone.

aunt Maria and mom

Taija & me

Siblings- Maria,Cindee,Stacey and James

Giving a Toast to Papoo and his Life

Family tradition- a Poker game in Honor of Papoo

Cousins- Dimitri,Andrew,Madison and Athena


Wedding in the country...

So this past Saturday we went to a friends wedding. It was so Cute, He is a Navy Friend and they had a Navy wedding, so the colors were red, white and Blue. The Groom is his uniform and bride beautiful in a classic dress. So cute all of there kids were dressed to match. The little boys were in little Navy outfits and the little girl in a red,white and blue dress. We had alot of fun at the wedding, it was a beautiful setting out in the country.

Me at 33weeks

Super Cute Family!


Gorski Baby News

So our Ultra sound was Yesterday at 9 am. It was so exciting to be able to see him again and see how much he has grown in the last 10 weeks. So i am now just rounding the bend at 32 weeks. and seeing our little man again makes me want to hold him even more. I had this ultrasound because i was measuring big and the doctor just thought it was a good idea to get a look inside. and well, He is measuring good. He is 4 1/2 pounds and is in the 65th percental. They guess that he will be a 8 pound baby. All i have to say is "Ouch!!" He has been moving around a lot, it is so fun to see. I will definatly miss the feeling when he is out. In other news, I went to the Neurologist Dr. this morning to takl about a birth plan. He said that i could breastfeed for 6 weeks because i cant start my MS meds until that time. So Ya, i get to give him a little extra in the beginning. Everything else is going good. This Heat is kicking my Butt! But i will just keep the AC on. :) Enjoy the Photos.