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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Big News!

We are Expecting Again!
We have know for about 2 wks.
I am 5 weeks along.
Super excited!
We just feel so super blessed to be able to have the  chance to get pregnant again, we know that some people have a really hard time getting pregnant, we are counting our blessings.
We will for sure keep updating as we go along.
We have determined that the baby is due either late August or early Sept. So Marek will have a new sibling right around his 3rd Birthday :)


Merry Christmas

 This year Christmas with Marek was so much fun! He loved opening all of his gifts & even helped daddy open a few of his too.
We are so blessed to have our handsome lil guy.
and Blessed to have such great family and friends!
We are excited to see what the future of the next year have in store for us :)

                                                       New Bike From Santa!

                                                        Playing games with daddy on the xbox kinect

                                                                    Our tree and the aftermess of christmas


Christmas came early at our house...

Well, let me start off by saying that. The movers that moved all our stuff did something to our washer & drier because when we went to turn it on it just gave us an error code. We had some come look at it and for parts & labor it was almost 500 dollars, we could get a new one for that price, so we went looking at sears, no such luck, and nothing that looked like our old one. So one night after doing some Christmas shopping on the base we went to there furniture store to see the prices, and wow, these red ones were cheaper than white ones, and no tax. So deon bought me both, and a new mattress which our old one was 11 yes old. Anyways, these gives from deon are my Christmas, birthday & anniversary gifts!!
I am so lucky! I have an amazing husband!

So now I am working on 3 weeks worth of laundry! It's gonna take a while!

Navy Christmas party

We went out the other night for the Navy Christmas party for deons command. We didn't win any prizes, but we had a yummy dinner & good conversation.
We dance a little and went home by ten, lol, we can't do the all night party anymore! Plus we had a sitter with marek, so we came back.
Over all a good night.
The crazy looking dancing deon is doing in the photos is called "the Bernie" like weekend at Bernie's. And if u haven't already heard about it, look it up an utube. It's so funny!

What have we been up to u ask???

Unpacking, unpacking & unpacking! Every time I think I get the house a lil in order, more boxes get unpacked, and I again am surrounded by packing paper & boxes!
I am hoping to have the inside of our house all put together this weekend!
I wanna enjoy the new house, bake some goodie with marek & relax!
I hope everyone else is having a good holiday season!



We made it! And it's a sunny 65!