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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



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Well it's that time again! U know to loss the baby weight!

So here we go:
Before I got pregnant I was 196. I got up to 248. About a 2 weeks after I was 225. I have stayed at this weight ;( even with my power walks so...
I have started 30 day shred!
Today was day1. More intense than I was thinking. I really am out of shape!
My 1st goal is to lose the weight from this pregnancy. So to lose 29 lbs!
After I have made that goal my 2nd goal is to lose roughly 30 more pounds. My goal weight is 165! That is my senior high school weight!
If as I lose the weight I feel happy at a different goal then it may change.
I am just needing to get in shape.
Can't wait to fit into my old jeans!
So here is the before stats:
Weight 225.
Hips 47in
Thighs 27in
Boobs 44in
Arms 14 in
Mid section tummy 44in

And the shameful pics;(

I would hope that by June 2013 I will have reached my goals! That's my 10 year high school grad mark!
Stay tuned for undates.


Part 3 Halloween!

We had such a Fun Halloween this year
Marek had a blast running from house to house to get candy
we went with some friends & their kids
Had lots of laughs
Enjoy :)

Part 2 :Pumpkin Crafts

 Saw in online an idea to turn a milk carton into a candy holder 
So we attempted it:
Marek had a blast painting it & I guess it looks good. LOL
currently no candy in it because the little MR likes candy & will sneak. 

Part 1 halloween week fun

 Our housing community put on a halloween fun day for the kids. 
Games, pumpkin decorating, snacks & got to take each of the kids home another pumpkin
Which while writing this I just Remembered that I told Marek he could put his little pumpkin in his room for a decoration...havent seen it since! Opps! lol I guess I better check under his bed

Enjoy the pics  

2 months

On the 19th of October Mackenzie turned 2 months
Wow those months flew Fast
at her appointment she was
11 pounds 11 ounces
24 3/4 inches

So loves to smile
Melts our hearts
we love her lil personality already
Likes being rocked
loves when Marek talks to her
Loves when Daddy gets home from work & cuddles
Getting more & more hair every day ( mom cant wait to so some piggies)

So grateful that the lord blessed us with a beautiful little girl
cant wait to see how she grows

XXOo Mommy & Daddy

Marek 3 year 2 month well check

Marek is growing too fast!
had his 3 year well check late because of Mackenzie & the birth madness :)
BUt I finally got him in. 
He looks great! 
Growing right on track
38 inches tall
33.6 pounds!
Now wearing size 4t tops & pants 
size 8 shoe..but I think his next pair might be 8.5

He is such a joy to have around
always dancing & singing
Loves to play with Cars
Loves doing anything with Paint
Love the beach & camping
& also loves to Help!

We love him so very much & are so glad to have him as our son.
XXOo we love you lil MR.
Mom & dad

Thankful Tree

I put together a thankful tree at our house. Every day we will be writing down something we are thankful for.
Today being the 1st of November was our first 2 leaves. One from me and one from marek.
Mine says: I am thankful for my family
Marek says: I am thankful for cars.

When Deon gets home today I will have him add to it.
I want to teach my children about giving thanks for all The Lord has giving us in our lives.