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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Anything like me...

This is our Lil Marek! and Daddy's Fav Song!


What a fantastic Week we had in California. I never like the drive, but I love seeing our family and friends, so I guess it is a Must! :) The first night we stayed the night at Briana's house. She made us yummy pasta and then even a great breakfast. After that we headed to Pt. Mugu. and stayed with our friends Regina and Jesse. I am glad we came when we did because jesse was getting ready to transfer to Hawaii.Monday we made our way to ....Disneyland! I was so excited..I have never been. and Yes not even when we lived there for 3 yrs. lol. So it was more for me then for Marek. though we know he enjoyed it s well. His fav ride was the winnie the pooh ride. :)
I also have to say that If u know me , you know that I dont do roller coasters. I hate the way they make me feel. But since we were in Disneyland I had to do some..with much urging from Deo. I went on Splash mt. and space mt. They were not bad. Space mt made me sick. :)
So also we stayed in a condo pretty close to the park with Deon's cousin Amber, he hubby Rob and there adorable kids, Emma, vince and Sophia. It was so fun and Marek loved hangin out with all the kids. On Tues night...deon got food posioning, He was vomitting like every 30 mins, all night. He really should have gone to the ER. it was that bad!
Weds, he was still not doing great, We were heading to Uncle Mikes, so he drove until we were out of LA, and then I drove to Carlsbad. We stayed the night, and then thursday after noon, he headed to Uncle Dan and Aunt Kristy's house. We stayed there until sunday morning. We had such a great time visiting with all the cousin's. I wish I would have gotten more photos while we were at their house. :)
Sunday we drove back to Twin, What a long drive again, and super windy.
We will be heading to Cali again soon. Deon is transfering to Pt. Mugu in Feb & then getting deployed..I am not looking forward to that at all, but I just think of all the postives and It makes it a lil better. :) I will be staying in Twin while he is away. :)
Anyhow hope u enjoy are pictures!


So Now that I have started decorating for christmas, I remembered that I took photos of some of the Fall Decor. :) Yes... I did say decorating for Christmas. This week is really my only time to get it up. We will be going to SaltLake for Thanksgiving, and then 2 Days after we get home we are heading to Reno, Nv. For Deons awards banquet. I am not looking forward to the Drive but i am looking forward to the Company. :)
Anyhow, here are some pics of my fall stuff.



What Can I say, We had a great one this Year. I wish I would have taken more photos. On fridays night we had a huge group meet at my mom's house and then walk over to the Westerner Club, For some country dancing! It was the Best! Even did some Bully Ridin! I dont have the pics from that, they are on my mom's camera. I will get them soon. :) Also on Saturday night we headed over to our friends, the Davis' House for a halloween party, treat-o-treating and some yummy food! We are glad we got the invite! and wish we could have stayed later, but Marek was getting crazy, so home we went! . We loved seeing all our family. Its always hard to go home. But we will be back in Ut for thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a Great Halloween!!

Alyssa, Brittany & Me

Our Neice Leyah
Dont You love her Eyes!

nana's Grandkids. Dru, Leyah & Marek

Lil Chick

Cat in the Hat

And Elmo

Me and Marek

Leyah getting into the Candy

Marek check it out too..

Dru also")

Just the Cutest lil things Ever!