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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



The Blue Angels

The Blue Angels were in town this weekend. We had an air show at our tiny Twin Falls airport. It was a lot of fun. This past week has been crazy since we got back from Salt Lake, we have been getting ready for this weekend. Deon has been working a lot, since the U.S. Navy is the ones who were hosting them, he had a lot to do. Then a lot of people from his command were coming into town, and they started showing up on in the middle of the week, so the were doing a lot with them.

On Friday Deon got to go in this plane, (pictured above) he was way excited. Not everyone got to go in the planes. They took this plane up and as soon as they got up the guy turned the plane over to him. Plus, while they were flying he had Deon do some, I guess you call it Dough nuts- lol- he did flips, I think it was pretty cool. He was really excited and I was excited for him.
That night was also went to a dinner thing at the hanger. All the most the command was there and the Blue Angels. It was a nice dinner.- and guess what- Deon had a plane there from his old squadron VAW-117- from Point Mugu, It was nice to see a friendly face. bird 601. We miss the Hawkeye Squadron.

Saturday, the Blue Angels Show, It was a long day, but we had fun. We saw a bunch of different planes fly, some old war planes and some jets. There was guys on motorscycles doing stints, and sky drivers. Plus we sat in the v.i.p. area and got free lunch. The Blue Angels were awsome, if you ever get the chance, go see them. it was a good show, worth the wait.

The was good until I decided to go home, I was tired I had been in the sun all day, so I got in my car at 4:30, pulled out of my spot and moved 2 lanes and sat in that same spot for the next 2 hours. I was so mad! ( thanks for talking to me, Briana. when I was stuck in traffic)-this was my view for 2 hours!

After I finally got home we set up the house & backyard. A bunch of the people from the command came over and had some food and hung out. We had a really good time. All & All a really great weekend, despite a 2 hour delay. Wish you could have all been there.


Fun trip...

So, this past weekend we went to Salt Lake, We had a lot going on. Friday night we met Deon's brother Leon in Logan to celebrate his birthday- we had really awsome buffalo burgers and hung out with him for a while. Then we headed to my mom's house, My Yia Yia was in town, a bunch of baby's in the family were getting baptized on Saturday. Saturday Deon & Me and my Grandma Marva went to Farmers Market, I wanted to see my friend Brittney and her husband Josh, but it was getting way to hot so we left before we got to see them so that sucked.(sorry we missed you Britt) Then the rest of Saturday, I hung out at my mom's house with family. I went to lunch with Melissa and Brittany, we had a good time but our server sucked. Saturday night Deon and me headed out to the lake to take some photos, to has been forever since we have had our photos taken. Sunday, we spent the day looking for a new stereo-(long story) anyhow, Brittany came over and hung out some more. It was nice to see her. We finally got on the road around 4. It was a long weekend, but a really fun one. I cant wait to get back to Utah again. Sorry i didnt have my camera with me for half the trip so all I have is a few pics.



We are heading to Salt Lake this weekend. We have some baby blessings, and my Yia Yia is coming in to town from Cali. And then we are getting some family photo's taken. It is going to be a busy weekend. LOL. but hopefully a really fun one. - It is still undecided on it we are taking the Harley as our ride. I need to look up the weather. I am excited to go to SLC. See some friends & family.



So, We had a little E.R. visit Weds. afternoon. I was at the salon and almost blacked out twice. So, Deon took me over to the E.R. and we sat there for the next 4 + hours. They ran a bunch of labs but said they couldn't find anything. I Went to my regular Dr. the next day to get a second option, because, I have not been feel good for the last 5 days or so- really bad headaches, and things, the Dr, thinks allergies and gave me something. But I Also made an appointment to see my Brain Dr._lol to Make sure I am not having any MS problems. I am Ok- And thank you to all that were worried! I love ya! Ter!


Bad Service

This place has such bad service, we stopped on the way home to get some food, we thought a quick bite. We waited for an hour for our food. All we ordered was an egg salad sandwhich and a burger. Not the mention, the service sucked. and the bill was $15 bucks. crazy for crapy food! Dont try this place, just drive on threw!

Leah & Christian's Montana wedding

So, We Headed up to Hamilton, Montana For Forth of July weekend. Deon's friend Leah was getting married in Montana, so we drove up for the wedding. It was my first time in Montana, it was beautiful! I was picture happy, lol. We had such a wonderful time, it was great seeing/ meeting everyone. Leah's Husband Christian was wonderful, such a nice guy. The first night in town we went to dinner and then out to this club/bar called the Office. It was a lot of fun, It was the Bachelorette / Bachelor Party.

The wedding was beautiful, Leah's Dog Chloe walked her down the isle, is was so cute. The Happy Couple got married with the most beautiful back drop, the Montana Mountains.

We had a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to see Leah and Christian Again.

Craters of the Moon

Craters of the Moon is really cool. It is in about 1 1/2 from Twin Falls, going North. The Craters were made from volcanic lava that flowed up from the earths core. The lava formed on the earths surface and created the craters. They are really cool to see in person. the Photos don't do it justice.