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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Been Forever!!!

Yes, I haven't been bloggin in FOREVER!!!
Life here has been busy!
Kids are growing like weeds! Marek will be 4 in August & Mackenzie will be 1!!
I will hopefully be updating with pics and stuff soon!! :)


Stress relieved...

As many of you know I am a very proud Navy wife. When we first got married Deon made 1st class petty officer. Since then he has been trying to make it to Chief. Some tests were passed & some not. But along with the test you must also submit a package to a board & they decide if u make Chief. After Deon doing 4 + long months of studying the results came out this morning. I have to say I hadn't heard from Deon but another wife had posted that her husband made board which got me worried, Deon had yet to call. Tears started, when he called me back... I asked & he said...."I passed the Test" !!!! I am so excited & relieved. We have had many months of prayer to get to this point. Along with deons hrs if study.
He will now have a package that will be sent to the board & they determine if he makes Chief. Those results come in August.
Thank you to all the prayers if support! I am overjoyed & elated & ecstatic!!! & many other things!
Good job Deon!!!!!!
Love u!!



10 years ago I sealed up a time capsule to not be opened until 03/20/2013.... I guess back then I thought 10 years was forever & a day away. Well... This date is fast approaching. I feel like I should relabel it to not open until 3/20/2023. That feels like a lifetime away.
But then wondering what I packed away in it.
So many things have changed in such a short time. My 8yr wedding anniversary is next month. That too has been fast.
Life is much different then 10 years ago. In some bad but mostly good. I misses some relationships but know I can't go back & change the past. The good includes my wonderful husband, & my two wonderful kids! They are my everything.
I was suppose to open it with my best friend, maybe we can FaceTime. Or wait until I come for a visit.
This holds so many memories.
How fast they just went.
Just a few thoughts...


Grace Adele

I am excited to announce that I am now a Grace Adele rep!!
Ever heard of it?
We carry awesome purses, clutches, wallets, jewelry & more!
Lots of color combos to make a one of a kind look for you.
Please come stop by & take a look.
Lee me know if u would like to host a party and receive great host rewards in the process.

Thanks for stopping by!


Jawbone camping

During the week of valentines day we spent the week in Jawbone.( the high Deseret in California )

We had a great time as a family & also had a blast with some good friends.

Here are a few photos from our trip ;)


Random pics by Marek!

This little Mr likes to get his hands on my phone & take random photos. Here are a few I recently found ;)

5 months.

On the 19th our little girl turned 5 months. She sure is growing so quickly.
She loves laughing, jumping in her jumper, her brother playing with her. Loves when daddy comes home.
She is on her tummy all the time & gets around by rolling & scooting.
I think she will be crawling before Marek did. She just wants to go.
She has the cutest personality. Always happy & smiling. We sure got lucky with her & marek always such easy babies & so happy. Almost afraid to have another. Lol.
Weight : 15pounds 9ounces
Height: 26 3/4inches

First foods!

I started Mack later on food then I did Marek. But it was perfect for her. I have been giving Mack oatmeal cereal for about 3 weeks. I let her body get used to it & then the other day I introduced a veggie. Green beans! She loves them.
We always start the kids out on all the veggies for a long time before introducing the fruits. She has had green beans for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
Here are a few pictures few photos of her trying it for the first time & also my lil mr. He is a camera hog! Loves the camera on him!
Love them both so much!



So I started a new program on my phone last night it is an app to train for a 5k.
It's called 5krunner.
Last night was my first time using it. I think that I can listen to my music and do what it tells me. In the beginning I wanted to give up. But suddenly it informed me that I had reached the halfway point, and I thought to myself," I can totally do this"
Now keep In mind that I am not a runner & even more hate running while carrying an extra 50+ pounds but just knowing that I am working to lose it helps. Also what I keep in my mind when I wanna give up is my skinny jeans hanging in my closet! I can't wait to fit in them and look fabulous.
My goal as posted earlier when I braved and posted pics of before is to lose around 27 pounds by my 28th birthday.
Then after that I will focus on losing the rest.
I saw a saying a while ago that I keep OB my head to while I attempt to jog.
" I am not the fastest one out there but I am still out doing it ;)"
I am hoping to actually do an MS 5k run when I get more fit.