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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Congrats to Deon

We were invited by Deon's Skipper to go to a Navy League Banquet. As it got closer to the day that It was we found out that Deon was going to be presented an award.
The banquet given by the Navy League was really nice, it had the awardee's and other retired military service members.
Deon was called up and given a Certificate of Recognition for Military Person of the Year from the Navy League of Channel Islands Council.
Along with it he also received other Certificates of recognition from:
-US House of RepresentativesCongressWoman
-Mayor & City council of San Buenaventura
-County of Ventura Board of Supervisors
-City of Port Hueneme
-City of Camarillo
-Mayor of Port Hueneme
-California Legislature Assembly Man  of the 37th District
-California Legislature Assembly Woman of the 41st District
-Mayor of Oxnard 
- US House of Representative Congressman

It was so great for him to get the recognition. 
We had a wonderful night out.
Congrats Deon!
Love U



Utah Trip

My mom and Grandma threw a baby shower for me in Utah. I was also in town for a good friends baby shower. We drove up on Thursday morning with a friend and her lil girl. we made great time getting up and back home, she is a speedy driver.
Here are photos from my shower. I guess I didn't take photos the rest of the trip which is disappointing :( things just get busy and you forget.
But it was Loads of Fun!!
We got in on Thursday night, and my shower was Friday night.
For my shower the decor was Grey & Yellow with splashes of purple
the Food:
We did DIY deli sandwiches, fruit kabobs,  pasta salad, veggie tray and for a thank you gift we did 3 kinds of cupcakes :) Thanks to my Grandma for working her butt off on the cupcakes. She made keylime cupcakes, lemon cupcakes with blackberry frosting, and Reese peanut butter cup cupcakes :) they all turned out wonderful! a big hit!
On Saturday morning I got ready and headed over to my friend Brittanys baby shower. I had a lot of fun at all her cute games. Later that day all us girls went to see a movie and then to dinner at La Puente. 
Sunday was Mothers Day! we had a brunch with my family at my moms house, it was nice and relaxing :) a lil while after it I ran and saw some family.
Monday me and my Mom and Marek spent time running to different stores to exchange a few things I got doubles of and then relaxed.
Tuesday I ran my brother around, he was buying a new car. I am so excited for him. its been a long time coming! later that day I meet up with friends and did lunch and then pretty much hung out and chatted then did dinner together. after dinner I headed home to get packing, we left at 5 am weds to get home. 
Like I said a busy trip but a super fun one! 
Also Marek had a blast playing with cousins & friends most of the time, and he loves my moms yard and swingset. I cant wait for our yard, he cant either! lol
Oldest friends :) and there cute lil ones!
My lil Helper!

Our nephew Dru..growing to quick!

So cute..I know!!

always such cute girl things!

From my sister :)

Marek snacking :)

My brother Damen and his GF Angela

Holden.. He is a cutie

Dawn, Me & Alisha with her lil girl Addison

I need to post a pic of us all as lil kids! we have known each other since we were 4 yrs old!

Briana & I

Me, Briana, Brittany & Desiree  

Me & Brittany 10 weeks apart. She was 36weeks and I was 26weeks

All the girls getting in on the action!

Paige, me and Taija

Me & my other Mom ( Deons Momma)

Me, Nikka & my Grandma Marva :)

Kellie & Me


Marek & Grandma :)

all the siblings with our Mom

Me and my Great grandma...when Mackenzie is born that will mark 5 generations of women in our family. cant wait to get a photo of it! It has been a long time...last one taken was when my great great grandma Rucker was alive when I was born :)

Swimming with Daddy

 Marek Loves the water. every time we go down to the pool he is so so excited, its so cute! He has alot of fun in the pool with daddy :)


It's official!

I no longer can button my favorite pair of pre pregnancy jeans! I think going til 26 wks is awesome!!!
With marek I was in maternity stuff the end of february ! It's the middle of may!!!


100 days???

WOW, less then 100 days until Our lil baby girl will be joining our family. 
I know that these days will go really quickly.
So many things to get done 
-go to short trip to Utah
-set up Marek& Mackenzies rooms :)
try and squeeze in some camping
What are everyone else's plans for the summer?
Got a busy one too?


Swim day

I just love that we can take Marek swimming almost anytime we like ;) he really really loves the swimming pool.
California weather is amazing!


25 weeks

Still feel like I am the same size. Been trying to snack healthy, like, fruit, yogurts , veggie and nuts when I feel hungry in between meals.
Yesterday I did give in and had cafe rio for lunch. I ate it a lot when I was pregnant with marek, so I am proud to say it was the first time in this pregnancy.

Getting ready to head to Utah next week for my good friends baby shower & my shower. Can't wait to see everyone ;)
25 Weeks with Mackenzie