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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."




So, These are my Last Posts For a Week- We are Heading Down to Cali for Deon's Cousin Mariah's Wedding On Weds Morning- Early!!!! The wedding is on Sat. We Plan on seeing Bree and also a few other friends. We will be back on the following Tues. But I work the following Weds, So Dont Expect another Blog until Friday. - Sorry- I will Try- And I will Take Lots of Pics!!- Maybe I will get a Blog in if I have time in Cali!
We Are way exited to see everyone.

Girls Girls Girls

LOL- This weekend my Sister Taija and Mom came up to our house- Deon was in girl over load. LOL. We had lots of fun we went to historic twin and went looking in the antique shops and bought an old fashion soda. We also did a BBQ with some of the neighbors, it was fun.
oh and Bree- I finally Bought and Watched SEx and the City- so Talk all U want. LOL. It was really Cute show. It made me want more!
Anyhow, It was a good weekend.

Big Weekend

So a few weekends a ago. We were in Salt Lake. It was a super Big weekend. First we were bringin some couches so my sis' in Law Dezi( beautiful Couches- lol) and then My Uncle Shawn and Cousin Aspen were Racing Motor cross and Atv's at Rocky Mountain so we went and watched them race. Deon, Me, Leon, Brysen and Cameron Met my Mom and Ben out at the track. My Uncle and Aunt and cousin and Grandma were already out there. It was fun, even when we were standing in a down poor rain- lol watching my Uncles last race. NO Pics of that- it would have trashed my camera.

My family also took family pics- its a yearly thing we do.
We were jam packed with things to do, we saw a few people- mostly family.
On Sunday we went to breakfast with Dezi, Leon, Brysen, Cory, Echo and Cameron.
It was really nice that we could all get together. Me and Deon sure wish that we all lived a whole lot closer.

After breakfast and loading up Dezi's Couches we goodbye and took off. It as a quick trip and a busy one. It was great to see the family that we got to see. We love you and Miss you.

Working Girl!

Okay Everyone- its been a while since I have been online it is because I quit my Nanny Job and got a job with the school district. I work at an Elementary school, with the 3rd grade, as a Para educator. It is a really good job. and It is low stress. the biggest plus is i get paid all summer and I wont even be workin. :) Oh, and the school I work at is around 2 miles from my house. It cant get any better than that.
I will try to get on here and keep this up dated. :)


September 11th

Let Us Not Forget!!

MS update

I had my most recent MRI a few weeks ago and finally got the results back a fews days ago. My Neurologist said that I am doing great, I am on the right track. He has me on the right medication and he said that I am - as far as my brain goes- Great. LOL.

It is hard to believe that last year in just a few weeks, I was going to the hospital because I couldn't function, and the next thing I know they are telling me I have MS and I am leaving the hospital a changed person. It took a while to adjust. I was on steorids and a mess for a bit. But I worked with it and I took my faith and knew that I could get to be me again- I hoped.

It was a long road- it is still a struggle, But I have come along way. My family and friends have been my rock. They have helped to hold me up.
Deon has been there with me threw so much, he has been the best husband that I could ask for. He has been with me at my weakest moments and happiest. He really is my best Friend. This whole thing has brought us closer together.

I am really excited to start this next year, MS will always be a part of my life. MS always is present, but it is not my life.

Thank you to all that have supported me in the past year.


Photos By Kelley Nelsen

We recently went to Salt Lake, and while we where there I asked Kelley Nelsen- Whom also did our wedding photos if he had time to go a few shots, I can't believe it had been so long since we had a photo taken. a little FYI- there are bugs flying around everywhere- I was freaking out!!lol
Thanks Kelley- I love all the photos.


Boise Or Bust

(Thats me )

So, Deon had training in Boise on Friday so we hopped on the Harley and drove on over. It is not to long of a drive, and a pretty boring one at that- those who drive the drive often like us would agree. Well, we got to Boise late and missed Deon's training, but they were having a football game and BBQ thing at the park. It was pretty fun, but it was hot out side and the park was not a full of shade. After the park we stopped of and said hi to Deon's cousin Amber and also his Grandma before jumping back on the bike and heading home. It was a long day, I was sure glad to get home. I tired to take a few pics of the day/ ;)

the Open Road(nothing to look at) lol

My favorite small town-Glenns Ferry- Id live
here except they dont have a hospital.

There are some of the guys playing football-
Can you spot Deon??- Clue
only one in jeans

LOl I found him.

I Forgot I say the best part of the day was the drive
home, the whole drive was the sunset- and it was
a bright red, pink and orange. it was amazing! we just
watched it from our rear view mirrors.


Labor Day Weekend

So, It has been a while since I have been on here and updated the blog, but we have been busy, and usually I bring my camera everywhere. A few weekends ago we rode the motor cycle down to Salt Lake to surprise my Mom, she has been having a tough time and a lot of stuff is going on, so we decided last second to ride down. She was very shocked to see me walking up to the door, she started crying. (my poor mom) Anyhow, it was a good little weekend trip. We have been trying to keep up with all of our yard work, its hard when you go somewhere every weekend. ( Deon just told me today that he has to go to Boise on Friday for work- it never ends- :) lol. )

This past Labor Day weekend we went over to Roosevelt, UT. We were coming up to help Mom and Mike move into their new place. Well, as we were packing to come up we got a horrible call that Mike was in an accident. Luckily he was okay, pretty banged up, but we are glad that nothing worse happened. Well, when Tasha and Justin found out they decided to head over to Roosevelt as well. they followed us over. The trip and weekend was a really good one. Mom and Mike's new place is really nice,Deon and I like it alot. It is perfect for them. Almost all of the gang was together. ( a few missing) But it had been a lot time. Tasha' s little girl Hanna is getting so big. Oh, we are going to soon have two new nieces. We have already Hanna, and Justin and his girlfriend Mary are having a Girl and Cory and Echo are having a Girl. It is Really Exciting. I cant wait.

I did not take a lot of pictures. We were moving stuff, not so exciting. I did get some of those new puppies of Dezi's- I went over to see them and Baby. Dezi is so blessed to have them they are beautiful!

P.S. If you have never played Mexican Train, You need to get a group together and do it. it is so fun~! :)