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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."




Wait didn't we just move?? Are we crazy!!
Well, we did back in November move, we are in military housing, but its off-base housing. We haven't really liked it as much as we thought, I mean its is really nice and basically brand new, but the street we live on is really busy. A lot of the younger couples live here, they are always racing down the streets, and bumping the music really loud. it is getting annoying. plus we don't really have a yard for Marek to play in, and I miss having a back yard, so we have put in a request from housing to move back onto the base.
 I am very excited for it, because we have a few friends that live on base, and it will be super close for Deon so he can come home for lunch saving us money & I love whenever I get to see him for a little bit. :)
Today housing offered us a house on base. Its a 4 bedroom which I am excited about, but the house is much much smaller than the house we are currently in ( Our place now is just over 2000sqft, and the house on base is around 1000 sqft!- the house in Twin Falls was 1400 sqft) and only a 1 car garage. So...we will be down sizing some stuff, which actually makes me feel good! lol. I like having minimal clutter.Might be planning a yard sale, but I will have to maybe borrow a friends yard to do it in since we currently dont have a yard at this place!
Our pre inspection on our current house is Monday morning, if that all goes well, which it should... we have only lived in this place for about 5 months. When they go ahead and set up a 30 day move out date. Which will probably be at the end of May. I am excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I always think we don't have much until I start going threw the rooms and not to mention my food storage stuff! I guess I will just start looking for free boxes on Craigslist. We wanted to hurry and move before I got much more along in this pregnancy.:)
Wish us luck! We will need it!


then & now

I decided to start documenting the differences in the belly between then with Marek & now with Mackenzie
here is the last weeks leading up to now :) 
I will then compare at...25 wks, 30wks, 33, 36 & 38 :) cant wait to see!



Ideas are flowing in the baby girl department...
Like this adorable bedding... If only I could find all the fabrics to make it on my own.
So Cute !!!

Or this one...way adorable..!

I also Love these curtains!

I wanna make some crib sheets that way they can make them the way I want :) now if I can only find the right fabric for a decent price..maybe this or this or this one.

Plus there are a few crafts I am considering..but do I have the Guts?



23 wks

My belly is growing slower than when I was pregnant with mr m. But it's slowly growing. I am still fitting into my favorite jeans which I take as a good sign ;)
Which I am tall, so the weight is still gaining but doesn't show the same as a shorter person.
Little Mackenzie is very active which I love. It's my favorite part of pregnancy and I missed it after I had mr m. She is usually the most active around 830 when I am laying in bed ;)


New Ride

Meet the newest addition to our love obsession with Dodge!
We were not planning to buy a new car the other night, we were just getting prices. But we ended up coming home with a new Dodge Durango Citadel.
It has everything, but my favorite part is the Navigation! I feel like I can get anywhere here in California now :)
I am so very very grateful that we were able to get this. We as you know had a 2002 Cadillac Escalade, but it was getting up there on the mileage, and we were fearful that it was only a matter of time until something very expensive broke. So we were keeping our minds open to getting something that was going to grow with our family and that we would be driving for the next 10+ years. 
and with a great warranty. 
I am very happy for the new car ( not the payment, LOL) but we know it was an investment into our future.
Everyone always knows us for buying a new car. I think this is #3 since I got pregnant with Marek, but I can assure you this will be the last. 

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope You have great weekend plans. Ours include posting things we don't need onto Craigslist for sale, possible maintenance on the pick up, going to do our registry at babies r us & hitting the swimming pool!



I got Mareks soon to be new room completely emptied! With Deons help on a few heavy things! So now he needs a dresser for his new room, and I am going today to buy a water proof mattress pad for the bed.
Photos coming soon ;)


changes at our house...

So with a little girl being added to our family some room changes are being made, which is a lot of work. Marek is currently in the smaller of the two bedrooms, so we have decided to move him over to the bigger room where he will start sleeping in a big big bed. and then we are going to give all Mareks furniture to Mackenzie and set up the crib in the smaller bed room. SO  with that being said, I now am moving all of the office and craft stuff out of the bigger room and man do we have a lot of crap! lol. Its mostly navy papers and binders, but some times wonder if we really need it all. I am sure I will be going threw it even more and discarding stuff. So I have Mareks soon to be new room about 75% cleared out, but I am having a hard to trying to decide where everything is going to go. I figured I would set up the desk in our room but we don't really have room. So now I am trying to figure out a configuration and put it all in our extra living room space. lol. When it is all done I will for sure post photos. After all the rooms are switched I will be starting to sew, I have fabric to make Marek a new bed quilt. and then I also wanna do some curtains. and finally start hanging up photos in his room :) after that is done I will move on to Mackenzie's bedding and curtains.... see what I mean when I say its busy over here !


Happy Anniversary

7 Years ago today I married my best friend
What a great adventure we have had so far
cant wait to see what the future holds for us and 
our growing little family!
Thank u hunny for always loving me and supporting me!
U r the only one for me!


the Name Game..

After a long debate on the Name game of our little Girl we have finally made a decision, I like knowing that we will now have a name to call her instead of baby sister.
 So, Her name will be:

Mackenzie Ann Mae Gorski

I think it is pretty cute
Marek & Mackenzie :)

the Ann is after Deon's Grandma Peters & then Mae is after my Grandma Marva

Speaking of our cute little girl that is on the way, she is already receiving cute little outfits in the mail!
Her Aunt Dezi sent her an adorable little romper that is teal ruffles, with a matching teal and yellow headband :) I love it! Thanks again Dez!


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When a little helper is in the kitchen...

Sometimes messes will happen... I guess it's cereal for breakfast! Lol

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Happy Easter!

This Easter is a lil different than most years because Deon is not home, he had a school he had to go to for work. So it's me & marek ;)
We started the day by him waking up dry! And then we watched a short Easter movie, then searched for eggs around our house , he loved it... They had pennies in them.. He loves putty money in his bank ;)
After that we had green eggs and ham with watermelon.
And it's going to be 73 today so I believe we r gonna go to the pool! I am sure it will be empty since most people will be with family ;)
Happy Easter to everyone! Hope it is wonderful!

Potty training update:

We have been using big boy underware since Thursday, every day is getting better & better. He does his naps in big boy underware without an accident ;) and now today is learning to poop on the potty! I love it! I am so proud of our lil man!

He is just going on a lil training potty, so I am hoping with the coming days & week(s) I can't convince him to go potty on the big potty. As I worry about him needing to potty when we r in public places.
If u have any advice please let me know ;)


21 Weeks

I had another ultrasound on Tuesday at my regular obgyn, the past ultrasound we did to find out the sex of the baby was just done at a fetal photo place because the regular obgyn didnt have any open appointments for when my mom & sister would be in town. So I had the regular one, they checked all of the measurements and such too :)... It is for sure a Little baby GIRL!  and also that she will probably be about the same weight that Marek 7lber! but also I guess they will have me back as I get closer to do another one and it will confirm the estimated weight and also check to see that we isnt breach. As of now she is, but still time to turn. Her head is up on near my rib cage on the left side, and her feet are down on the right side, switch explains alot, because I usually only feel her on the right side :)

Adventures in potty training...

 Well the time has come... I had decided to really nip this in the butt the month of April! since we didn't really have any huge plans & we wouldn't have any visitors so I could focus on being at the house.

   I started Yesterday, I had asked a lot of friends for advice & then also read up on it in one of my favorite books "Toddler Wise" ( side note: both "Toddler Wise" & "Baby Wise" have been such huge helps..If u are pregnant and in the market for a good book to help get the baby on a schedule I highly recommend it! ) back to what I was talking about...I started our journey on Thursday.

   After we had breakfast I told him we were gonna say good bye to diapers. We tried to sit on the little potty ( training potty) and go with nothing at first. So I set the timer and told him every 15 mins we were gonna go sit on the potty. Well after a morning of accidents, I decided to go with a different approach that D's' cousin said she used with her son. Put him in front of the TV on the potty and he can watch anything he wants...What a huge difference! He went potty a whole bunch of times! He did pee the bed at nap time but I was expecting it. Last night he did sleep with a training diaper. But I limited his fluid intake about 6pm and he woke up almost all the way dry!

   So we had a few places to run to this morning, so still in a training diaper til we got home, but ever since we have been back he has gone on his little potty! its still in the front room for now, but he knows where it is and has gone to it when  needing to pee or was already sitting on it. He loves telling me after he goes pee and we go to the toilet and dump the after I give him 4 jelly beans ( I never give him candy, so he knows its an extra special treat.) its almost nap time & only 1 accident. poop on the hardwood , but he came right to me to tell me about it, which I was very proud of! I hope every day gets better & better! fingers crossed!

  Maybe we will even be potty trained when Daddy comes home next Friday! :)