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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."




We wanted to wait until Marek was 2 to get his first hair cut, but its turning into business in the front & a party in the rear. Lol. So it might be time for a tiny tiny trim in the back just to even everything up.; )
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Got our Hands FULL..

 Our lil guy, Is 100% boy and Will probably be at the ER  sometime this summer. 
He loves to take chances.
and get a reaction!
This is his latest Trick! LOL


 Whenever Marek is sitting at the table his new favorite thing to do...
Put his feet on the Table! 
Yes, It drives me nuts! 
But look at this Kid!
He is just too Dang CUTE!

My Food Storage:

 So this is my food storage, sorry the photos are not the best. But as you can say I am pretty stock up. :)  and mostly because I just went to the Smith case lot sale this morning and got a crap load. I love when we are full of food. :) I bought case of canned chicken, 2 cases of green beans,2 cases of corn,1 case of tomatoe sauce,1 case of canned whole tomatoes,1 case of stewed tomotes, 1 case of cream of mushroom soup, 1 case of cream of chicken soup,1 case of tomatoe soup,1 case of  mandrian oranges, 2 cases of canned pears, 1 case of  blk beans, 1 case kidney beans,1 case pinto beans, 1 case of chicken broth, 1 case beef broth, 1 8.99paper towels and 8.99toliet paper    
my total $270 for all of that
I think thats pretty good for all that I got. I had to do it in 2 transactions, so in the first transaction I saved 68.84, and in the second one i saved 74.43 : )



I am so Excited! Went shopping at Smiths tonight, and got some great deals! Going again tomorrow!
On my 1st purchase,
I bought:
5 cases of Nestle waters
45 powerades
 Smiths has a Mega event on certain products, and If you buy 10 ( you can mix and match) you get $5 off instantlly!
Also with the Nestle waters, I bought 5 because they have a catalina that printed out after for $5 towards my next store purchase :)
So my total was= 37.50 Plus the $5 cat to use next time.

Thats 54% saved!

So I decided to unload it all in the car and go back in..
My second transaction:
45 powerades
4 cases of Capri sun
10 boxes of Annies mac n cheese
6 Quacker rice snacks
- $5.00 from the last transaction
= 32.70
( before handing the cashier my store card, the total was nearing 88 bucks! thats just CRAZY! I would Die If I payed that much for Real!)

thats a 63% savings!
I Love when I get Great Deals at Smiths!

19 months

Our Little Marek is a full on toddler!
He went to his half year appt. with his doctor on Tuesday.
Got a booster shot.
A Flu shot! Ouch!
Weight in at 25lbs, 14 oz
Height is 33.5 Inches 
Overall for height and Weight is in the 75th %
He Enjoys everything fruit wise! 
and Loves FISH!
Favorite toys to play with... Trucks!
We just Love him so much! Marek is growing too fast!
I cant believe in just a few short months we will be talking about his 2nd birthday!


Bowling What Fun!

A few weeks ago we went up to Deon's mom & dad's house in Roosevelt, Utah
While we were in town we all went bowling.
This was Marek's first time.
He didnt quite understand that u have to take turns!
So he had a hard time.
We will try again soon!
At least he looked Cute while trying!

Arizona Fun...

So on top of going to Jeremy & Sherry's Wedding we were able to see my Dad while we were in town, which was really wonderful, it had been a while. 
On Sunday we all went to this little town that was having a craft fair. We when a few shops and then also went to lunch at this really yummy Mexican restraunt. We had so much fun! We also went to this awesome Antique store where I purchased a 1940's high chair and a super cute old boys suitcase(oshkosh) I got them to use for my Photography Business! I am excited to use them!
It was so nice in Arizona the weather was perfect. I cant wait for summer!!
Deon, Marek, Grandpa Marcus, Taija,Me
Eating snacks
Looking at the Ducks that were at the restruant
Feeding the Ducks
The crappy Snow we hit in Arizona heading home, and even more snow as we entered southern Utah! Yuck!
Marek Loves Nikka way more than she loves him...LOL
Arizona Sunset
My Dad & Shirley
Photos cant describe!
Yes, he is eating his toes!
At the antique store they had a VERA WANG wedding dress, only $350 dollars. Taija wanted it, but it was a size 6. :(
House coat any one?? LOL


Butenschoen Wedding

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Butenschoen!
One of my best friends Jeremy got Married in Arizona and I was kindly asked to stand by him on his side during the wedding. What a great Idea. The groom had his best guy and gal friend and so did the Bride. 
We had a really wonderful time at the rehearsal lunch, getting ready for the wedding, the wedding, Dinner and at the reception the next day in Gilbert. We are going to need to plan a trip to see them again really soon. 
Congrats again You guys! 
We are so Happy for you!
Taija & Me
Jeremy & I
Jeremy & Deon
Brittany & Bobby
They had a PhotoBooth at the reception.. so much FUN!
The First Dance
Taija & Desiree
Desiree & Brittany
I love him!
Our Crew
Marek & Auntie