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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."




So I have a ton of photos for u...but sadly....on my last trip to Utah I forgot my camera at my Mom In-Laws House, in Bluebell ( middle of now where desert). and didn't realize it until I was in West Valley again. And let me just say that there are a ton of stinkin cute photos on it! (tear)
So for know I can only tell you what we have been up to.
We had my good friend Steff staying with us for about a week. and during that week I happened to notice that my sprinklers are not working in the back yard, they will try to pop up, but cant quite get there, so If u know any ideas, or know some one ( in twin falls) that wants to help a husband-less woman..come on over! So needless to say, by grass in the back was looking drab when I got home and so were my plants! 8(
So..back on course... we drove to Utah dropped my sister off ( she flew to Vegas for a fun little trip) and I drove up to Bluebell, Utah..if u don't know were the Heck that is.. look it up! LOL.. its a small place~!
So..we had a blast, played in the water a ton! had some BBQ a few nights, watched some movies, and just enjoyed the days. I drove back...which while I am on this topic of driving...few people know..I barely started driving again on the Freeways! and let me just say to those who say ..." its easy..just drive" or " its all in your Head" ( because my eyes do weird things to me) NO its not! I have talked to my Neurologist many times about driving, how I really want that freedom back, and how I struggle with it. ( I guess if you don't have my issues u will never understand)  Anyhow...I have been driving a little more on the freeways, and been doing ok, and If i get tried, Taija just takes over...well driving to my In-Laws..I had No backup..I was a Wreck driving up Parleys Canyon, I think my heart was going to jump out of my chest! ..but I just took it slow and stead. after that and over by Heber, I actually did really good, I found a guy that was pulling a 5th wheel that was going the right speed and I followed him most of the way.  But Man by the time I got to their house, I was tired! and driving back was the same way. I am not sure I am ready to do much more driving alone...Like the option of when I get tired having someone to help. ( but I was proud of myself for doing it!)

Since we have been home for only a few days, we have just been getting laundry done and things of that nature...
but also I am having a yard sell this weekend, so trying to get things ready for that! I am tried, but I cant wait to get everything out of the garage!!! I will have so much more space!!!

Until Next time... and hopefully with some Photos :0


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