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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Smiths Caselot Sale

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything about couponing, But Yes I have still been going, I try to go on Sunday night or Monday mornings the places can range depending on the sales, usually it is albertsons and walgreens and sometimes target and Yes I have go to all those stores in one night getting home at like midnight! :) and then Wednesday mornings if the sale is good at smiths or albertsons I try to me and Marek ready and we head out to catch a deal! Lol, I know its Crazy. But then again U should see our food storage. :) Anyhow, Last week we spent more than we usually would but Smith's was having a CaseLot Sale and we stocked up! ( If u want to go, It the sale is still on until September 21, so go check it out) Here are the things we got:
On our first transaction:
2 cases of Hormel Chili 21.36
(Saved 12.48)
1 case brownie mixes 10.80
(saved 20.28)
2 cases of cream of mushroom soup 27.98
(saved 20.02)
2 cases of apple juice( 8 in each) 15.84
(saved 32.00)
10 big K 12 pk sodas (1.30 each)
Our total was $101.74
Savings $91.68 thats 48% savings!! without coupons:)

transaction #2:
2 cases appple juice ( 8 in each) 15.84
1 case Ramen Noodles 3.00
(saved .98)
1 case canned Tomatoes 11.99
(saved 3.85)
1 case lite Pears 18.96
(saved 7.20)
1 case fruit crocktail 18.96
(saved 7.20)
1 case bummble bee tuna (48 cans) 20.99
(saved 15.01)
1 case Hunts tomatoe sauce 8.99
( saved 3.12)
1 case canned chicken 22.59
(saved 22.89)
1 case chicken broth 10.56
(saved 6.00)
2 cases canned libby's veggies 3.96
( saved 25.44)
Our total was : $153.28
Savings $130.16 thats 47% savings!!

Our 3rd transaction is small:
2 cases of Libby's canned Veggies 7.96
(savings is 25.44)
total was : $ 8.40
Savings $25.44 thats 76% savings!

We did some great savings! and have re stocked our food storage!! :)

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THE DAVIS' said...

That is a lovely food storage!! I need to go and stock my mine up still....maybe this weekend!