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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Giving THanks...

I have so many things to be Thankful ... these past 3 years have had many ups and downs. starting back 3 years ago in Oct, I was at my bff's wedding, and not doing well at all! I still feel guilty that I couldnt function and be there for her more. Shortly after her wedding I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with MS. I lost all motor functions, and being on steirrods( which change you, beyond belief) My whole world was turned upside down. I relearned everything, and had unbelevable support, My friends & family are so wonderful. It took me a while to learn everything again. I am still learning. After about a year, I was clear to start tryin to get pregnant, and we got pregnant on the first shot, which was truely a miracle from above. I thank god everyday for my Son. When we first got stationed in Twin Falls, I kind of felt like, I wished we were in Ut, But I have a new change of heart, though I still wish I could be closer to loved ones, I have learned who real friends are, and become very close to my Husband. They say that MS ripes marriages apart, the spouse just decides they can do it anymore, can handle the worry and cant sometimes go threw the challenges, I am so lucky that me & deon grew closer instead of apart. I am very thankful for my family. I am thankful for my friends, though sometimes not always close to them, I pray for them everyday, I pray for their happiness and for the Lord to help them threw their struggles.
I know that THanksgiving is to give thanks to all things! and I would hope that all things and people that I am thankful for feel my thanks daily.
I know that u usually do new years rebuliding of your life and set new goals, But I have set new ones more recently. I am trying to be a better wife( I think u are always working on that) and also working on being the best Mommy that I can be, I know that some times, I am so tired, But I must push myself because I never know when the time will come that I releapse and that day to me is a scary day. I am working on tryin to be a better friend, I have let some friends down and I am trying to get things back to normal... if there is a Normal. :) I guess I would just hope that all my family and Friends know how much they mean to me!
I am thankful that my husband has a great job and that we are able to do the things that we get to do. I thank him for his service and sacrifes. He is my Hero. I also just wanted to say that I am thank ful again for my son. If you are a parent you know how I feel, every moment is a blessing. I was watching Marek walk with Deon to the mailbox today and he is growing to quickly, I am trying to take everyday in with laughter and a smile. and I am thankful for my Mom, Even when we disagree, we always love each other. I am so thankful that I have the relationship I have with her. I also just want my best friend to know that I am thankful that we have been friends for so long. I look up to her so much, she is one of the strongest women I know. though sometimes I know that she doesnt feel strong, she is. I love her and I love all the wonderful memories we have made. I pray that the Lord watches over her and her family.
Thanks to all of u who enjoy my blog, and I am going to start to post alot more often.
God bless you and I pray that U have a wonderful holiday season!

Tara *

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Parish & Becca said...

That is so inspiring to see that you can have gone through, and continue to endure, something like MS and yet, you're still positive. Thank you for being an example to me :) I wish you all the luck and good health in the new year to come!!