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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Coupon Adventures!!!

So Lately I have trying to get the swing of couponing and after about 3 mons I think I have it under control. LOl. I have even put a coupon binder together, because I have collected so many and it is so hard when u go into a store and see a killer deal and dont have the coupons u need with u. I wanted to post a few of the deals I have done. I will start taking pics of it too. I always forget.:)

John Fieda shampoo 5.04
John Feida Conditioner 5.04
-2.50 Manufan coupon
-2.50 Manufan coupon
-3.00 Target coupon
__________________Total=2.04(great deal)

Family Dollar:
Frenchs yellow mustard 1.00
- .50 manufac coupon
___________________Total=.50 ( did that 3 times)

Weber Seasonings 2.79x6
-3/$1 off man. coupns
-3/ Alberts Doublers

(aLbertsons has a deal right now if u buy partcipatin items get a $10 gift card, so we did, here is what our transaction looked like, had to spend $25)
Rosa refried beans $1 ( got 5)
Hunts spagettie sauce $1(got10)
Hunts bbq sauce $1 (got 3)
Hunts Ketchup $1 (got 3)
Peter pan peanutbutter$1.99(got3)
-.20 man coupon off hunts (3)
Got a $10 gift card.
Also in that trans action bought
barilla pasta (4) 1.69
Welchs juice 4.59
-1.00 man coupon for juice
-1.00/2 on pasta
-1.00/2 on pasta
-1.00 Albertson doubler
-1.00 albertson doubler
-1.00 albertson doulber

Used the $10 coupon and bought
21 cans of libby veggies .49/$10.29
2 Treetop juice2.99/5.98
2 jimmie dean sausage 1.99/3.98
1 sour cream .99
-$10 cat
-$1/2 sausage man coupoon
-$1 treetop juice man coupon
-$1 treetop juice man coupon
-$1 Albert doubler
-$1Albert doulbler
-$1 albert doulber

Did the same trans action 3 times
9 kinds of fm brand beans .87
3 fm frozen veggies 1.19-1.59
-.80 __.40 on the frozen veggies
-.56 on the beans
___________________Total 5.69 great Deal!

Well, I hope u enjoyed reading about our great deals! We are so excited about the savings! My favorite time is when Albertsons has Coupon Doublers in the paper! They with that they will double any Manufacters coupon up to a dollar! It is great! I am going to go get some more stuff tonight at Albertsons! :)


THE DAVIS' said...

Looks like you got some great deals! I need to go and do the John Frida one!! I will need to call you and tell you the deals and stuff i got for free today!

The Tomkinsons, Neil and Roxy said...

Okay can I just call you the coupon queen you go girl!