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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Gorski House...

We have been pretty busy since the new year started. Lets Catch u up a bit. We are almost to Valentines day. I traded in my Volvo and got a new car, a Escalade. It has much more room. Its great. We werent lookin but it was a good deal so we did it, plus same payment. Deon started back up in College, so he is gone one night a week. I am so proud of him. !! Deon has also been working alot of late nights, work is busy. I have been keeping the house in order. Deon is about to come up on orders to relocate, Yes I said it, We are going to be moving! That is part of the Job of the Military. We are hoping that he can get orders to southern California, We wont know for a while though, and we dont know yet what we are going to do as a family, If me and Marek and going to Move to Utah to be close to family, or to go to Califorina with Deon, I think It will depend on the kind of orders that deon gets. We will keep u posted. So.. We are putting are house on the Market! I have been going crazy getting the house cleaned up and organized. It sure is hard work, not to mention keeping it in order.
Well, For superbowl we stayed at home and at last mintue asked a few friends to come over. It was good company.
Marek to Growing Fast, he still cant turn over to his back once he gets on his belly so if anyone hs any sugguestions, Please!!! He is driving me nuts! When do they start to crawl? He trys to move but hasnt got it figured out yet. I am hoping as the month comes to an end he as made more progress. He is eating his veggies and fruits really good. laughing and trying to talk. He has the cutest personality. Marek will be 6 Months old on the 26th, Holy moly, half a year!!
Anyhow... How a great Valentines Day and Presidents Day.
Love, The Gorski's

Marek, Landon and Kellie

Silly Guy- I love his Smile!

He is going to be trouble, u can see it in the eyes

First taste of Apple Sauce

Daddys Trick


Kirk and Brittany said...

Nice car! :) Marek is growing up into a handsome little boy. Oh, and don't worry about him not crawling yet. Savor it now while he can't get around and get into everything. :)

Kristi & Whit said...

TARA OH MY GOSH IM SO JEALOUS YOU HAVE AN ESCALADE! I WANT ONE SOO BAD! LOL But we stayed at the Marriott Hotel! It's right behind the Hard Rock Cafe Restaurant! :) You guys definitely should stay there its soo nice! We loved it! And they have a pool at the top of the building! So let me know if you need any help finding it k?

The Gorski Family said...

Thanks Kristi!! u are too funny!

Brittany- thanks, for the uplifting words. I miss having u around!

THE DAVIS' said...

I hope you can find out where he will be stationed soon! Geez i cant believe he almost 6 months old already where does the time go!! Have fun in CA this week!! MISS YOU MARSKI