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April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005
"Meeting you was fate, Loving you was out of my control, Getting engaged to you was more than words could say. Being married it takes my breath away."



Baby News.

We went to the doctor yesterday, he said that everything is looking great, and we got the hear the heartbeat again-it's awsome! We also set the appointment for our ultrasound for next month. It is April 15th, lol, Yes on our anniversary we will be getting to find out what we are having, what a wonderful anniversary gift! We are still very excited to have the baby. I am gaining weight, as you do with pregnancy, I have been doing pretty good though as far as the weight I believe.

(The camera adds 10lbs right?)


Alyssa said...

Wow Tara! Only a month away! Are you showing at all yet? You will have to take pics of your belly! Enjoy the time of being able to gain weight!

Bree and Addi said...

No- THE BABY ADDS 10 POUNDS! ha ha... you look great... I love it! :) I can't wait to see you and hold my niece :) everyone she doesn't know what it is- I'm assuming! Love you Tara!

Devan and Desiree Fenn said...

How exciting! What a cool anniversary gift! I can't wait!!

The Tomkinsons, Neil and Roxy said...

Love the baby bump! Thanks for keep ing us all posted:) I am excited to know what it is:)

THE DAVIS'S said...

We cant wait to find out!

Sara Burgess Schwartz said...

What an awesome anniversary gift!! I am so glad you and the baby are doing so well!! I am looking forward to you posting what you are having!! Did you know our cousin Melisa is having another baby?